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We protect our applications

We protect our applications

We increase our privacy by protecting our apps

We protect our applications

at the end of the article you will find the link to download the application

We protect our applications

With this app we will not have to worry anymore:

– if a friend of ours takes the device to play with it, or maybe a colleague to browse through our conversations or in our gallery etc etc
– that our children change the settings of the device and above all buy paid games …..
we have the ability to show only what we want to show, we decide what to show on the device and what not …


•Protect any app using passwords or block sequences
• Photo / Video
• Customize background, set your favorite photo
• Profiles, simplifies the modification of the block
• Automatic lock at a set time and in an established place
• Hide AppLock icon
• Random keyboard
• Lock switch (WiFi, BT, 3G / 4G data …)
• Widget for fast lock / unlock
• Block incoming or outgoing calls, system settings and the Google Play Store
• Re-blocking policy: allows fast exit / re-entry into the app, without needing to unlock it again
• Prevents apps from being uninstalled
• Hides the App Lock icon from the launcher
• Prevents the App Lock from being uninstalled or being closed by task killers
• It has low memory usage and battery savings

N.B. Fingerprint Locking only works in Android 6.0 and higher.

Let me know in the comments section your impressions on this application I salute you see you at the next appointment.

below you will find the link to download the application



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