Stop SPAM calls and Call Centers

Stop SPAM calls and Call Centers

Stop SPAM calls and Call Centers

How to block and protect yourself from SPAM calls and Call Centers

at the end of the article you will find the link to download the application

Stop SPAM calls and Call Centers

Today we will see an excellent smartphone app that allows us to avoid calls from the most troublemakers and anonymous numbers through a community of millions of users who use it and report new nuisances every day.

It happens to everyone to receive SPAM calls of all types and at all times
with this application we will manage to have a bit of respite
with very few steps to do we’re going to activate this beautiful app

once installed the app we will go inside the phone settings and to integrate it with the calls
if we want we can also integrate the messages but personally I did not do it

Leggi Anche GSE SMART IPTV TV on our iOS device

Let’s go to Settings
scroll up to the phone
entry then we look for the Call Blocking and Identification section and enable the entry related to Our Application
if we also want the sms filter we go to Messages> Unknown and spam and activate the entry related to the application done this we will have our app integrated with the system of unwanted numbers

Let me know in the comments section your impressions on this application and if you have had problems installing or configuring.
I salute you see you at the next appointment. below you will find the link to download the application



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