Recover deleted Photos and Videos on Android

Recover our deleted photos on Android

Excellent Application to Recover Photos and Videos Deleted for Mistake

Recover deleted Photos and Videos on Android

at the end of the article you will find the link to downloadDiskDiggerPro

Recover deleted Photos and Videos on Androidtoday we will see a fantastic application that allows us to recover our pictures (and not only) deleted from our Android device

Unlike the PC our Android device is not provided with the trash and then recover something deleted by mistake becomes a business! But with this wonderful application that we are going to see today we can recover our deleted files. Once you have downloaded and installed the application on the first boot only if we have the active root permissions, we will ask for SuperUser access

otherwise no warning will be displayed.

By clicking on Start basic Photo Scan the application will start to scan all the folders looking for information on the deleted photos in our device …..

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After the scan we will see a list of files that the application has found and then we can recover by selecting them at will

and then click on recovery

we have various saving options including Google Drive, Dropbox, Email etc etc

what about a very precious application to recover some of our carelessness
Let me know in the comments section your impressions on this application and if you have had problems installing or configuring.

below you will find the link to download DiskDigger Pro


DOWNLOAD DiskDigger Pro

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