Protect our photos from unwanted eyes

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Protect our photos from unwanted eyes

How to protect our photos from unwanted eyes

at the end of the article you will find the link to download the application

Protect our photos from unwanted eyes

Today we will see a fantastic application that allows us to protect our photos from prying eyes

once downloaded and installed the application with a few steps we will increase our privacy

even more let’s see how to configure this beautiful application

By clicking on the Start button the application will ask you to Set the Passcode

once the Passcode is set, the screen will open where we can create new protected albums by clicking on the “+

button just enter the name of the album and the password (Optional) we want to create

done this click on the album just created and always by the “+” button we will import the photos to be protected

select the photos, click on Finish in the upper right corner and the application will start to import the selected photos in the album

once the import is complete we will be asked if we want to delete the photos from the gallery.

this is really one of the best applications to increase privacy

PhotoVault download

N.B. with devices equipped with TouchID instead of inserting the Passcode we can enable the fingerprint much faster


Let me know in the comments section your impressions on this application and if you have had problems installing or configuring.

below you will find the link to download the application



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