Install Sygic v16.2.10 on Android

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Install Sygic16.2.10 on Android

Tutorial on how to install Sygic v16.2.10 on Android

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the most advanced GPS navigation app for Android, with 3D maps offline by TomTom, guided navigation with precise step-by-step voice directions and free map updates. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps offers a high level browsing experience, with advanced features that guarantee safety and comfort. Real-time traffic information, police radar alerts / speed detectors to find the fastest route and avoid traffic delays. Tips for parking, with information on availability and prices. Find the cheapest fuel based on the type used. Tourist attractions and navigation on foot. Head-up Display (HUD), navigation projected on the windshield of the car …

at the end of the article you will find the link to download the Sygic v16.2.10

Installare Sygic v16.2.10 su Android

Install Sygic v16.2.10 su Android

Today we will see how to install Sygic v16.2.10 on our device


1 .We download from here, the Sygic apk and extract it in a folder on the pc2.Copy the entire folder called “Sygicv16210” into the microSD.

3. tramite il file manager andiamo a cercare ed installare “Sygic.apk
4. al termine dell’installazione chiudiamo l’app senza eseguirla. 
5. Let’s go back to the manger file by selecting and copying the “com.sygic.aura” and “Sygic” folders and let’s paste them in “Android  \ data” that might be in the central memory or on the SD card

6. We start Sygic and going to Menu> Map Management click on the + button to download the desired Map.
7. At the end of the download of the map we will have our Navigator ready for use

Install Sygic v16.2.10 su Android

Let me know in the comments section your impressions on this application and if you have had problems installing or configuring.

sygic android download

below you will find the link to download the Sygic v16.2.10


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